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As part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Disaster Medicine Fellowship program, we have a weekly Disaster Medicine Lecture Series. These lectures are held on Thursdays from 10am-12noon in the Emergency Medicine "Fishbowl" room LA-201 (next to the ED admin offices on Lakeside Level A of the hospital).

The lecture series is open to interested attendees. Click here for a map and directions to the Fishbowl room once you arrive on campus

1/8/151. NIH videocast: "Future Humanitarian Crises: Challenges to Practice, Policy & Public Health"
2. Journal club - topic: Recovery from major incidents
1/15/15Dr. Chason, Director of Emergency Management, Mount Sinai Hospital, NY. "Mount Sinai Hospital's management of suspected patient with Ebola"  
1/22/151. Dr. Milsten, Disaster Medicine abstracts vs DM Textbooks- fact or fiction
2. Dr. Milsten, EMS History and Call analysis
1/29/15Canceled - off-site conference  
2/5/15Dr. Milsten, "DM Jeopardy"
DM Division meeting at noon
2/12/15Dr. Smith, UMMMC EVD Planning    
2/19/151. Dr. Marcozzi, Senior Advisor for Emergency Preparedness and Acute Care Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. DM topic TBA
2. Dr. Carl Schultz, Professor of EM, Director of DM fellowship, UC Irvine School of Medicine. "Disaster Triage"
Fellowship meeting at noon
2/26/151. Dr. Suchenski, Natural disaster case study
2. Journal club - topic: Mental Health Issues in Disasters
3/5/15Dr. Eric Sergienko, Director of Public Health for US Navy. "Emerging Infectious Diseases" and "Defense Support of Civil Authorities"
DM Division meeting at 0900
3/12/12Dr. Broach, DM topic TBA   
4/2/15Active shooter workshop (off campus conference)  
4/9/15Journal club - topic: Syndromic surveillance and public health issues  
4/16/15Canceled. Annual HVA  
4/23/15Dr. Eric Goralnick, Medical Director, Gillette Stadium and Medical Director of Emergency Preparedness, BWH. "Swarm Intelligence" and then a discussion of active shooter incidents
4/30/15Canceled. DM education day for MSIII students this week  
5/7/15Canceled. Cyber Yankee exercise at Hanscom AFB 
5/14/15Final journal club - the best disaster articles of the year
5/21/151. Dr. Broach. DM topic tba
2. Dr. Suchenski. DM topic tba

1. Dr. Bruno Petinaux. Associate Professor, Dept of EM, GWU
2. Dr. Milsten - Crucial Accountability

6/4/15New England Society Disaster Medicine (NESDM) conference  

1. Dr. Smith - Hospital Evacuations

2. Dr. Hernon - Chemical terrorism lecture

6/18/15Canceled. EM resident DM sim  
6/25/15Dr. Irwin Redlener, Professor of Health Policy, Columbia University, School of Public Health; Director, National Center for Disaster Preparedness. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irwin_Redlener)